Welcome to Agricola Growers Ltd

Agricola Growers Ltd, founded in 2004 by Jeremy and Sarah Oatey, is a specialist farming company based in South East Cornwall. We provide a complete farm management service primarily through contract farming although we also farm in our own right.

The range and diversity of farms in the South West require a mix of enterprises combined with selective use of stewardship schemes to maximise returns. Our management team work with landowners to manage risk and provide cost effective solutions in farming situations.

The diverse range of cropping managed by Agricola Growers Ltd extends from vegetables to potatoes, daffodil flowers and bulbs through to cereals, oilseed and protein crops. We are also experienced grassland managers running both beef and sheep enterprises particularly on environmentally sensitive land.

Our sister business H F Produce Limited is a major prepared potato and vegetable supplier to large bakeries in the South West. Through this link we have a regular outlet for a significant amount of our farms’ produce.

Arable Farmer of the Year 2013